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Providing The Best Solar Services to Richmond

Founded a decade ago, Cap City Solar Panels Co is one of the leading installers of residential and commercial solar panels in the United States. Over the years, we have excelled in designing, installing, and maintaining solar panels. We have a proven reputation and history of providing matchless services. 

We understand that most of our clients shift to solar energy sources because it makes sense from an environmental and financial point of view. One day, the Earth will run out of coal and other non-renewable energy resources, such as natural gas and oil.

A single residential solar system has the capacity to offset nearly 100,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide in 20 years. That’s equal to driving a car for up to 100,000 miles. If a single household can make so much environmental difference, then why shouldn’t the majority jump the bandwagon?

To facilitate this choice for homeowners in Richmond, we started providing solar panel installation Richmond VA services years ago. As technology has advanced, so have our services.

We focus immensely on ensuring our clients have the best possible experience. In doing so, we stay committed to our goal of ultimate customer satisfaction from start to finish. Additionally, our team is sufficiently trained to effectively get on board with any technology or advancement in the solar energy industry.

Along with installing solar panels, we also educate homeowners about the importance of solar energy and maintaining their solar panels. We take pride in handling all our solar panel installation projects in the most satisfactory and time-efficient way.

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